Friday, November 04, 2005

Jack Changes Overnight, Literally

Every night when we go to bed, we check on Jack. Well, my husband checks on Jack because I inevitably wake him up. I will swish my pants too loudly or creak the floor the wrong way or breathe heavily and then I have to deal with a grumpy, tired little man. So, last night after his nightly check, my husband came to report to me that Jack was not wearing any clothes. We went back into his room and there he was curled up in a cold, diapered ball with his cozy blanket sleeper next to him. Until now, Jack has never undressed himself in any way except to remove his socks. So we giggled at him and said how cute he is and left his pajamas on the changing table to be put on if he woke up in the night. Don't worry about him being cold, we have a space heater in his room that we turned up so he wouldn't freeze.

Since we are dealing with some painful teeth, Jack did wake up in the night and I put his pajamas back on him. In the morning we asked Jack to show us how he took his pajamas off. He got his sleeper unzipped all by himself and could get one leg out. He didn't go any further than that. I think he was distracted by the TV or just plain didn't want to show us. So he ran around our bedroom with one leg out and his bare chest and belly exposed. Befuddled, my husband and I dozed off, trying to get another 20 minutes or so of sleep while Jack played and watched Higglytown Heroes.

When we awoke, at the change of shows on the Disney Channel, there was Jack, in his diaper and no pajamas. Clearly he doesn't want us to see how he undresses himself. I am very glad that both times he undressed himself, he left his diaper on. Diapers are a lot easier to remove than a blanket sleeper. I am worried that the diaper won't be far behind. I think we may have to put a belt of duct tape around him. I do not want to clean up a crib after Jack has slept in it all night without a diaper.

Jack keeps us on our toes!


Ben said...

We too are having teething issues with Abby. She either wakes up around 2-3am and won't sleep well after that or, more recently, she's grumpy before bed and stays awake much later than normal but sleeps through the night thereafter. We usually get less sleep with Option 1, but with Optino 2 we have to deal with much more grump.

We feel your pain.

Michelle said...

I really enjoyed this post...I suppose that we have this to look forward to in a couple of months, since our little one is just a few months younger. The duct tape sounds like and excellent idea, lol!