Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace became the newest member of our family early in the morning March 23. Today Sarah is four weeks old and is peacefully, beautifully asleep in her swing. It has been about 2 months since I last updated my blog and I hope that you have been keeping up on our family through my husband's blog, Barley Fields.

Sarah had a very fast and exciting entry into this world. She was born on our bathroom floor at 2:15 in the morning, 4 minutes after my water broke. I had only been in labor for a couple of hours when Sarah was ready to be born. My husband delivered her while my in-laws called 911. They had come down to stay with Jack in the morning while we went in for a scheduled induction. The paramedics arrived soon after Sarah's birth and took us to the hospital. Sarah and I were both well and happy to be on the other side of the birth.

If you had asked me before Sarah's birth what my greatest fears were of childbirth they would have been giving birth without drugs and not making it to the hospital. I have to say that giving birth without drugs (which many many women have done since the beginning of time) was not so bad. In my case everything just went so quickly that drugs would have just slowed down the process. I still would have rather had the baby in the hospital, birth can be a bit messy, but I'm glad we weren't in the car on the side of the road somewhere.

So in addition to having our beautiful baby girl, we have temporarily relocated to my parents' house while our house is on the market. It is so sad to look at our house now. It is so clean and neat and there are no toys or laundry or dishes piled up. There is no way that the babies and I could keep it that way while living there. So we are living a nomadic life with my family. I love having the extra hands around to help with the babies. Sarah gets pretty fussy in the evenings and Jack, well, let's just say he will be 2 in a week.

I have lots of pictures to post and stories to tell so I will be updating my blog more regularly.

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