Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sick Babies

Both of my children have been sick lately. Jack got sick while we were at the beach (boo) and Sarah is just getting over a little fever.

Jack seemed to have the same bug that most of the people in my family have had recently. My husband had it and I had it, most unfortunately, on the morning of the day we left for the beach. The day he was sick Jack actually fell asleep at the lunch table. He was eating a potato chip and his head just bobbed forward. We thought it was pretty funny and cute because he hadn't fallen asleep at a meal in over a year since he ate in a high chair. He had a long nap and then threw up all over his dad. The poor kids was so cute and pitiful. It was so sad to see him not know what was happening when he would throw up. He had a fever and his little temples and hands and feet just burned. It was so cute when he would tell me that his "belly like crushy ice" and that "Jack'a sick."

He was better in about a day and back to running and playing on the beach and eating yummy beach food.

Sarah on the other hand had her first baby fever. It happened to be the one night that my husband and I were finally getting to behave like adults and have other adults over for a social gathering. We were getting the kids ready to go to their grandparents house for the night when I mentioned to my husband that Sarah hadn't really been herself all day. When we finally slowed down and paid attention to her, she was very warm and had a low-grade temperature (~101). I was torn. First I felt bad that I had ignored Sarah's mood and symptoms all day because I was trying to get ready for company. Then I felt even worse when I still wanted to send her away for the night so I could talk to grown-ups and drink wine. Luckily both my parents and my husbands parents are very close to our kids. If I am not the one to take care of my kids when they are sick, I want our parents taking care of them. So I really didn't worry about her too much.

Sarah's fever has been on and off all weekend and has been followed by a very red and spotty rash. Yesterday was the worst looking day, but I didn't call the doctor because I figured it was just from the fever and that it would clear up. Then my husband asked when was the first time Sarah had sweet potatoes (her first food after rice cereal) in relation to the rash. Well, there was at least a 48 hour difference between the two, but he raised all kinds of questions: could this be an allergic reaction that I had ignored and kept feeding her the poisonous sweet potatoes anyway?!?!?

So, luckily today she looks good! She actually just looks like she slept on her cheeks which is way better than it looked yesterday. And she hasn't had a fever since Sunday.

So, long story, um, long: Both of my kids are doing great, thanks.

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