Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All By Himself

Jack drew a snowman all by himself. He brought his masterpiece to me from the other room, smiling and beaming that he drew what actually looks like a snowman. He is so proud of himself and wants to save it to show Daddy when he gets home. We put it on the dining room table so it will not be disturbed.

(Yes, he is wearing a camo pajama shirt and a pull-ups at like ten in the morning. Some days it's just not worth arguing over.)


Unbeknownst to me Jack learned how to play hide-and-seek. He tells me to hide and Jack loosely covers his eyes and count, "One, eight, fourteen, eleven!" Then he comes and finds me laughing and giggling so much he can hardly stand it. When I tell him it's his turn to hide, he stands in the middle of the room giggling and laughing and waiting to be found.
He did tell me this morning that "Big Bird and 'Nuffy play hide and seek. On Messa-Meet." (Sesame Street)

My husband gave blood recently and was wearing his "Superhero" T-shirt last night. Jack asked what his shirt said and after being told it said, "Superhero" he said, "Daddy, you fly?"
Where does this kid get all this?!

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sand said...

He looks so proud. Very cute!!
I imagine that he would be enjoying Daddy's compliment to his masterpiece.
When he is with his sister in the pictures, he looks like a grownup, but he is still cute baby. I'm looking forward to reading his stories and seeing his picture in the future!