Monday, October 23, 2006

Is There a Polite Way to Say...Hog?

Baby Girl is a HOG. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating. But she is taking off running with this eating thing. We finally gave her some Gerber stars to try and eat and she loves them. She eats them ferociously and down them as fast as her chubby little hands can pick them up. I also gave her a wagon wheel to try and she put the whole thing in her mouth until it dissolved. I remember when Jack was little and once he started on table food it was all over for the baby food. He was big on doing things himself (still is...). Sarah is only 7 months! (Today!) Maybe tomorrow I should just let her have at my plate...tonight she was eyeing up my corn bread.


MK said...

Abbie was very much like that too when she started eating table food. She would shove handfulls of the puffs in her mouth. Past of me was always proud of this acomplishment and part of me would frantically try to get her to sto so she wouldn;t shoke. In the end you just have to laugh! So much fun and so cute!

When did you start giving Jack small pieces of meat?

Bunny said...

Hmmm...I would say that he probably started on meat around a year or maybe a little after that. I think it was once he had mastered fruits and vegetables and everything else we were eating and I was confidant that he could safely swallow the pieces if he didn't chew them.

Jenny said...

Ha! How about little piglet. Sounds a bit more feminine. I love that last picture!