Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Little Cookie Monster

I have the best boys. I was sad that I had eaten all of the chocolate chips cookies they made this weekend. So they made some more!

Jack may have eaten the equivalent of a half a dozen cookies including dough. He even helped himself to some of the dough that had already been formed into cookies and was awaiting its turn in the oven.

Sarah, however, was already in bed for the baking. She didn't get an afternoon nap and so she went to bed at 6:30.


MK said...

1st of all- yuumy cookies!

2nd- You do have the best boys! That was soooo sweet of them!

Jenny said...

So cute!

Cookies and kids. Perfect combo!

'eff, now with a J! said...


Isabel said...

Cookies. Yummy.

(great pictures!)