Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Husband, On His Birthday

In general, I write about my two children. They are so much of my life that I find myself with an abundance of things to say about them. But my life would not be the way it is were it not for one very special man, my husband.

We have been married for just over four years now and it feels like he has been a part of me forever. He is an incredibly kind and gentle man. He is funny and even pauses the TiVo when I laugh so hard I interrupt our show.

One of the most amazing things that has happened in our marriage is having our children. It is one of the most extraordinary things in my life to watch the man that I love, love our children. It is fun to watch him develop relationships with our son and daughter and to see the special things he does with each of them.

So Happy Birthday to my husband, partner, best friend, and the best father anyone could ask for.


Nicole said...

awwwww... what a sweet post! Happy Birthday father bunny! :)

mk said...

Bunny that was soooo sweat and I love the pic. he really sounds like a great husband and dad. Tell him Happy B-day!