Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sweet Baby Girl

Remember the first 6 months of Sarah's life? You know, when she cried and grumped all the time? Oh, you've blocked it out too? Well, if I remember correctly, I spent a lot of loooong evenings and nights rocking, bouncing, walking, begging Sarah to sleep. She and I were in physical contact of each other most of the day except through those few precious hours of sleep when she was in her crib. Then she hit 6 months and was old enough for some sleep training and, long-story-short, she is now a great sleeper.

I was so tired and drained and exhausted and worn that I couldn't see the end. I didn't think we'd ever get to where we are.

Sarah and I can snuggle and play and I can sing to her and rock her and she will fall asleep in my arms. I can now nurse her at bedtime and then spend some time with her. I sing her songs and when she hears "Away in the Manger" she lays her head on my chest. Then, if I just keep singing and rocking she will drift off to sleep, sweetly snoring in my arms.

These are some of the sweetest times with my baby girl.

(Side note: I wrote this a couple of days ago when she was actually taking naps and falling asleep easily. She is getting some teeth and has a cold and apparently she cannot sleep for 12 hours before or after pooping. She watched Top Chef with us the other night and has been getting up more than usual and I have an ache in my neck to show for it. I cannot stay awake while feeding her if it is between 11 and 4. So, I fall asleep in odd positions in the recliner in her room and when I wake up I am stiff and in pain. So I haven't posted for a couple days 'cause I knew this post had been written and I was giving it dirty looks.)

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