Monday, March 05, 2007

My Best Shot (and Cabin Fever)

I have been meaning to participate in Tracey's Best Shot Monday for many Mondays now. Today I am going to jump in and post one!

This is my best shot of the week, not so much because of my mad skills in photography, but because of the subject. It is pictures like this that make me think I can actually smell my baby girl and feel her smooshy, pink cheeks against mine, and hear her little baby voice, "hi."

And as a bonus Best Shot, here is Jack's "winky face:"


I am ready for Spring. I know, I know, it's still cold and windy and wet and muddy outside. But I am ready to play outside. I want to sit in the grass and let the kids run around and play with bugs and dirt and get some sunshine on our faces. I have been getting ready for spring. I am on the lookout for Easter clothes for the kids, I am getting ready for Sarah's birthday (which means spring to me) and I keep trying to sneak short-sleeved shirts into my outfits cause it just seems right. And - I just don't like wearing coats! I hate stuffing myself into the car with a big bulky coat on and I hate stuffing the kids into their car seats with big bulky coats on. I am jealous every time I read some other blogs and they mention the nice weather or post pictures of their kids playing outside.


Stacy said...

Very cute...can't beat those baby cheeks! :)

carrie said...

Oh, I want to reach through the monitor and squeeze those sweet cheeks! And the "whole face" wink is adorable, too!

alfredsmom said...

This weekend is suppose to be in the low 70's!! Wooohoo!! And, I am looking forward to the time change for a little extra daylight! Love the winky face.

HollowSquirrel said...


i mean it. bookit NOW!

Jenny said...

Oh those adorable faces! I just want to sqwoosh them!

(But in a loving way.)

frannie said...

I love the winky face! and those cheeks! OH, goodness!

tracey said...

Doesn't get cuter than that right there!
: ) Tracey @ Picture This