Monday, April 09, 2007

I Took My Animals to the Zoo

A couple of weeks ago the kids and I took a trip to a local zoo. We had a great day. It was not too hot, not crowded, and Sarah was an angel to sit in the stroller for hours. This was Jack's first trip to a zoo and he had a good time. There were all kinds of animals including tigers and lions, monkeys, bears, lemurs and tons of ducks and geese. The zoo is kind of low-budget, the cages and facilities aren't impressive, but when you are one and almost three? It sure beats another day in the house with Mama and Elmo.

One of Jack's favorite animals was a little miniature kind of sheep. It ran back and forth along it's fence bleating and baa-ing its little heart out. Jack ran along the fence with it, talking to it.

Sarah was very friendly with the animals, I would roll the stroller up to an exhibit and she waved, calling, "Hi, Hi!"

I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I'm not an animal person. I like my personal space, so I'm not a fan of cats and dogs getting all close to me. I am perfectly happy to see animals when there is a barrier between us. But all over the park there are ducks and geese just wandering around. We packed a picnic lunch and it was hard to find a spot to eat where I didn't feel the swarm of begging water fowl eyeing up my children, I mean, my children's lunches. I found us a table near a large group of older kids who were willingly feeding the birds so that our little scraps of lunch could go unnoticed.

Next time? I won't walk to the furthest point of the park before deciding we are all tired and should leave, only to spend the next forty minutes begging a toddler to please, walk faster, I know your little legs are tired, but I can't carry you and push the stroller! Next time I will bring a little more patience (and maybe another adult to carry said tired toddler).

Do you think this chicken wire can really hold in this tiger?


Swistle said...

"water fowl eyeing up my children, I mean, my children's lunches"--Ha ha ha ha ha!

That tiger looks like he's wondering the same thing about the chicken wire.

frannie said...

wow- that is scary that there is just a little chicken wire between you and the tiger.

Sarah's hair is so cute!

Jenny said...

I love that last picture! Fabulous catch.