Thursday, April 19, 2007

"I Was Just Brave"

Jack was a little shy about getting in the pool for swim lessons this time. The idea of "spider walking" was really scary today. But he got in and showed off his great splashing and back floating and bubble blowing abilities. And when it came time to spider walk, he cried and called for Mama from the steps. But his saint of a teacher calmed him down and helped him spider walk with no tears and with a timid confidence. He did it and climbed out with the biggest, proudest smile on his face.

I was so happy and proud and excited I could have just burst into a puddle of mama tears right there. He was scared and then he was brave and, my goodness, what a boy! I am amazed at his triumph! I am in awe of his overcoming something that was so scary for him!

What state will I be in when he learns to read? Or graduates high school? Or receives his doctoral degree or passes the bar or his medical boards? I will be the woman in a gooey mommy puddle of pride because of what amazing things he can do.

Later, he was talking to his doggy puppet about his swim lessons. The puppet asked, "Were you scared?" And Jack replied, "No, I was just brave."

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mk said...

Yeah Jack! That is so wonderful! I would have cried! i cried when Abbie rolled over on her own for the first time! That is so exciting for you and Jack!