Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Send Caffeine!

Sarah and I had a 3 hour party last night. It started about 1:15 for what I thought would be just a snack and snuggle and then back to bed. No, she spent the first hour flipping around in my lap, pulling the blanket on and off her head and throwing her little head back in protest. Oh what? Not sleeping? I don't know. I was protesting not sleeping!

So then for the next two hours we went downstairs so she could burn off whatever weird middle of the night energy she had and I could entertain myself with TV.

I watched one of the Discovery Channel's Planet Earth shows about animals of the plains. This is the coolest show. There is incredible footage of things rarely, if ever, seen by humans. Especially fascinating was the drama that unfolded between a group of elephants and a pride of lions in Africa. During the day, the elephants shooed away the lions from the water hole. But at night when the elephants can't see well, and the lions can, the pride of lions separated an elephant and attacked it. The pride took down the elephant. It was amazing to watch.

Jack and I watched one of these yesterday about life in the shallow seas. I thought it would be a neat thing for a 3 year old boy. He really enjoyed it, but he is an interesting TV companion. You don't see him talking during a Bob the Builder or Sesame Street episode, but if it's something I want to watch? It's non-stop chatter. Every time a new animal was shown he would ask, "what is it?" I would repeat what the narrator had just said, "it's an octopus." Then he would ask, "what kind of octopus is it?" I don't know! "A brown one?" Then he would declare, "I like octopuses!" And then we'd do this all over again for the next animal.

So, anyway, Sarah and I partied until just after 4 this morning, I slept for a couple of hours and now I'm back up and raring to go! (I'm so tired, I typed the word raring. Is that really a word used in regular conversation? Spell checker isn't underlining it, so I'm leaving it).

Luckily Sarah is still asleep. I will have to wake her in about a half hour though (boo) because we will have to head out for Jack's first swim lesson. (After stopping for coffee, of course.)

Jack is very excited to wear his bathing suit and get in the pool without mommy. He is a big boy and tells me he will exercise. I'm a little anxious because this is the first thing, other than Sunday School, that he will do without me right there next to him. Really, I think the anxiety is from the fact that I have to entertain Sarah poolside for 30 minutes.


Swistle said...

Yay, the mother-daughter "stay up late chatting" fests have begun already!

Nicole said...

OMG isn't the Planet Earth series just amazing? We watched the one on Jungles yesterday and have a bunch more waiting for us on our TiVo. LOVE it!!