Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Favorites

As some of you regular readers around here may know, the girls over at Shootin' the Poop are some of my best blogging friends. And they tagged me for a meme a long time ago. And now I can't find it or remember what it was. So in honor of MK, Nicole, Erin and Andrea I'm going to do my own Friday Favorites. I love to see what shows up on their favorites radar, many of which I already love myself, and others that I am excited to check out.

I love my new MomAgenda planner. I have a place where I can write down everything in our busy schedule, it can go with me when I need to plan things out and there is plenty of room for to-do lists and menu planning. The bound agenda books are a little more than I would want to spend, so I actually got the refill for the executive portfolio. It is spiral bound and has the same pages with w flexible plastic cover, and is half the price.

One of the toys that I LOVE, love and LURRVE is Geotrax by Fisher Price. It is the best train set for little boys (and their mamas). The tracks are easy for Jack to snap together and they are so sturdy, my brutus of a baby has to take at least two swings to get it knocked down and apart. We have quite a collection and I love to put together the elevation tracks and make ramps and spirals and bridges. My favorite part is that all the tracks pieces are just the right size to go together. I know this sounds odd, but if you have ever tried to arrange some Thomas track, either wooden or "Take Along" then you know what I'm talking about. If you build a length of track and curve it around to meet another section, Geos will line up just right and connect without any odd angles or pulling. And, course, Jack loves that the trains go by themselves. He gets to operate the remote control and make them stop and go and make train whooshing sounds.

I now carry a small, delicate, feminine purse instead of a giant, luggage-like diaper bag. It fits only the essentials, wallet, keys, camera, phone, and I get to step out of "mom mode" sometimes with it. The Vera Bradley bags are adorable and feminine.

My husband and I recently signed up for Amazon Prime and it is changing the way we shop. There is an upfront fee, but then all shipping is free two-day shipping. It makes it so easy to just click over to anything you want, but don't feel like leaving the house to buy. You need more mac and cheese or paper towels? Just click over and it's here in two days. Need some father's day presents but can't stand the thought of dragging the kids through stores? Just click and buy!

Click over to Shootin' the Poop today to see today's Favorites!

Thanks for being such good sports for Meme Week (er, uh, two weeks, whatever). Now that I'm caught up, feel free to tag me with new memes as they come through the blogosphere.

Up for next week: we finally finished the third season of BSG, I have a lot to say about this kind of lame season and who I think is and is not a cylon. Also, I think I may be ready for a digital SLR camera, I need some input.


mk said...

Ah thanks Bunny!!!

We have had Amazon Prime for a few years now and it is the best thing in the world! It is great for gift giving too because no shipping and it is a great price for 1 day too! I heart amazon!

frannie said...

crap! I forgot what I was going to say... let me go back and reread your entry.

lack of sleep will do it to ya!

frannie said...

oh, yes! the planner--- I covet that planner. it is so cute.

and you know I love writing lists and such! :)

Nicole said...

I love the purse! It's so cute... love the pattern on it and the colors. I think I'm ready for a new purse here soon too. Isn't it nice to actually carry a purse sometimes instead of diaper bag luggage? I will have to check out the planner too!