Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Slide with Fry

My photo of Sarah won second place in Tracey's Cleanwell photo contest!

So, last week I thought I'd submit a picture to the contest. I had just read Tracey's last reminder about it when I found myself in the perfect grimy situation. Sarah climbed all over the play equipment at a local fast food place, and she wouldn't put down her french fries. She ate most of her lunch sitting at the bottom of the slide.

Check out the rest of the Cleanwell Moments from the contest in this Flickr group.
And be sure to stop by Tracey's and tell her how awesome she is!


frannie said...

cute picture! she is precious!

mk said...

Oh I love that picture too! She is starting to look like a toddler and losing some of that baby look now.

Colleen said...

Great photo! Congratulations on 2nd place.

Jenny said...

Oh that picture! So cute. Congratulations!