Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday is the New Monday

Hey-it's Tuesday! And I missed posting my best shot yesterday, but here it is a day late.

I know that the lamest thing you can post is explanations about not posting. But, now that the weather is hot and it's summer we have been Bizz-zzey. We leave the house every single day. We either run errands or hang out with friends or go to the pool. And coming up we will have vacations and my husband and I will have an actual anniversary weekend away.

My blog time has now become clean up the toys time or shower off the layers of sweat and sunscreen time or what-the-heck are we having for dinner time.

I have started a new Flickr set for my "playing around" pictures with Dad's D70 and, hopefully soon, with my own new SLR.

Click over to Tracey's for today's, I mean, yesterday's, best shots.


tracey said...

OMG-she looks so grown up in that shot to me! It's just beautiful.

Can't wait to see the new flickr set.

kim said...

the shot of your daughter is so cute! I love the expression on her face. Also, love the shot of the sun through the trees. Very cool.

christinator said...

She is too cute! Awesome DOF there...I can tell you're having fun with the camera.

Melody is Slurping Life said...

She is beautiful, wonderful photo of her. Waiting for the new camera is exciting...and excruciating...isn't it?

Alissa said...

Aww... that first one is SO sweet! I'm glad you posted. Better late than never.

mk said...

She is getting so dang cute!