Friday, August 03, 2007

Back to School Favorites

Today my sister, a kindergarten teacher, is guest posting for me with some of her Friday Favorites!

Now that August is here, school is just around the corner. Most stores are having their Back to School sales which makes me excited beyond belief. Like Bunny, I enjoy school supplies quite a bit. I know some of you are getting ready to send your kids to school soon so you’re going through the supply lists and buying everything they’ll need. As a kindergarten teacher, I thought I would share some of my teacher favorites!

I am obsessed with baskets and organization in my classroom. My favorite baskets are from Jo Ann Fabrics, but you can also get them at Really Good Stuff (they’re cheaper at Jo Ann’s). I use them for book baskets for my reading groups, manipulatives, and I use the square ones for supplies on my tables. I also use the letter size ones for finished/unfinished work for my reading groups.

I use music in my classroom all day long. Some of my favorites are Greg and Steve, and Dr. Jean. But my very favorite is Math All Around Me by Jack Hartmann. It covers a lot of concepts in fun ways. My kids love the song Birthdays where you stand up for the month of your birthday. Countdown to Blastoff is my favorite that helps with learning to count backwards.

I love this stapler a lot. I have 3 of them in my room. They are very easy to use because you don’t have to squeeze hard to make it staple. It makes putting up bulletin boards easy and they come in fun bright colors!

I do my best to keep my room clean and germ free which is hard with 20 5 year olds. I use a lot of hand sanitizer. I use the Clorox wipes everyday on my tables and toys. They are also very good for cleaning wipe-off boards. The wipes also make my room smell nice!

These little things are one of the best things ever when it comes to teaching. Wikki Stix are wicks used for candles dipped in wax. I love them when I use big books and we are finding sight words. They can be molded into any shape and they stick to the book! When you’re done with the book, you just go back through and pull out the Wikkis without leaving a mark. They are also reusable!


Will's Mom said...

I think what I miss most about teaching right now is spending weeks stalking the staples and wal-mart ads trying to find when their crayons, markers, scissors, and everything else I would need for my classroom go on sale for crazy low prices like 10 cents each.

frannie said...

never heard of the wikki stix-- they sound cool!

Arizaphale said...

wild! being in secondary now I kinda miss all the display stuff that goes with infant school. wikki stix eh? what could I use it for with year 9? Ear plugs???? hahahaha