Friday, October 19, 2007

Wild Bunny

This is so much fun! Build your wild self!
I found this in Miss Zoot's flickr-stream.


Christina said...

So I have to do this too!

Angie said...

Is this what you do on a Friday night?? I think you and I need to schedule a girl's night out and leave the men with the babies :)

Emily said...

I might have to try that! Looks so cool. What version of photoshop do you use? I just have the free starter version 3.2. .... and yes, the molars... ha ha... I know they will probably be a problem!! At this rate, I'm really worried Luke will save all his dislikes for a longer season in life.... but for now,
I'll enjoy it :)

frannie said...

those are adorable-- jack's is my favorite!