Sunday, November 11, 2007

Everybody Loves Boring TV Talk

Every night as we fall asleep my husband and i like to watch a mindless sitcom. For a long time we TiVo'ed the reruns of Seinfeld. We have seen every single episode at least 400 times. Because I am so stinking sick of Seinfeld, we've started watching Everybody Loves Raymond.

Here's what drives me nuts about watching a show years after everyone else has seen the entire series:
We recently watched the episode where Robert gets married to Amy. When they get to the part of the service where the minister says, "if there is anyone who thinks these two shouldn't be married, let them speak now or forever hold their piece," Marie stands up, says she has something to say and "to be continued" appears on the bottom of the screen.
Now, since we watch them in reruns on TBS or Fox, they don't play the shows in order! What happened next???

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Dawn said...

what a conundrum! i never watched ELR so i'm of no help there. but you might check the message boards at; they have always helped me find out anything i've ever wanted to know about a show or movie.