Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things I Don't Understand About Other People

Watching sports. It seems like everyone has some team they care about. I? Do not. Yes I understand what is happening in a baseball or football, tennis, golf game. It is not exciting to me. I enjoy going to baseball games, but really that's just for the beer and hot dogs.

Parking in your driveway when you have a garage. I parked in my driveway for a few months while our tractor parked in my garage spot. Then we got a shed and I got my spot back. Why would I voluntarily park outside when I can put my car inside where it is free from snow, ice, rain and keeps the kids contained as I chase them to put them in their seats?

Cutting off other cars in traffic or otherwise driving like an asshole. Really, you have somewhere to be that is so important you have to endanger my life and the life of my children?

Topping off the gas tank to get to a nice round number. Is addition of decimals that cumbersome?


James said...

ROFL...didn't you know your hubby rounds the tank to an even number, preferably in 50 cent increments?!

Christina said...

I totally do not get the sports obsession either!

But...I admit I do not park in the garage and I do top off the gas tank to a round numnber! there isn't room to park in the garage, but I really don't have a reason for topping's just a compulsion! LOL!

Moxie Mom said...

um, addition, IN GENERAL, is tough for this art student!

I have curbed my aggressive driving now that I am not in DC anymore. Helps the kids since I no longer confuse them - "SHIT! Don't repeat that…"

frannie said...

my husband HAS to have the gas stop at either a .25, .50, .75 or .00. he is a freak!