Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New (Rented) Wheels

My car is in the shop so we have a rental for a few days. This was the perfect opportunity to have a mini-van instead of my usual SUV. And you know what? *whispers* I love it!

I can throw the kids in the van to run around and climb all over the seats while I fill the back up with bags from the store. Then I can scoot in myself and walk into the back to buckle them in, offer them a beverage and peanuts, introduce the in-flight movie, and point out the emergency exits. A slight exageration, yes, but this is like driving a cozy living room around. It handles like a car and I can whip around a parking lot like gramps on a Rascal. The only drawback is it is incredibly long, the stretch limo of mom-mobiles, and will not fit entirely into my garage when parked on the same side as the door to the house.

I am so eager for us to get our own minivan. (My young, hip inner self is shaking her head.) I am envisioning all the things that would be easier with all the extra room:
Think of all the friends (and/or potential future children) I could haul around town.
I could carry a little potty for those awkward "I have to go, I just went" moments on the road. And I would have all the space I would need for a fully stocked diaper changing center.
I remember those frequent-feeding infant nursing days with both of my babies where we'd go out to run errands and they would need to nurse. And rather than find a suitable place inside a W@l-Mart or grocery store, I would snuggle the baby up under the steering wheel and wedge myself to find a comfortable position. But if I had a minivan? I could set myself up on the sofa-like back seat and relax with a hungry infant and turn on the DVD player to entertain myself.
I could go to preschool too early for pick up just so I could recline in the back and catch up on my shows - or a nap!

So, I suppose it won't happen any time soon, but I am ready.


NCK said...

Dear MB,
This game me a good end-of-day chuckle. Love your self-awareness here! Happy driving.

Swistle said...

When my younger, hipper self gives me a hard time, I remind her about stacked scrunchie socks, certain incidents involving vodka, and a few unfortunate dating choices. Shuts her right the hell up.

Moxie-Mom said...

When it came time to trade-in my husband's car he ACTUALLY chose a minivan.
I was shocked! A man, willing to drive a minivan.
But you already know why…

Mommy Daisy said...

Yep you get it. I might not be cool but I've always said my next vehicle will be a mini-van.

Tot's Mom said...

Got here through the Cafe Mom.
More room is always good with kids around. But for a lousy driver like me, I think if I have a mini-van, it would be decorated with dents and scratches, courtesy of tight parking spaces!

MK @ www.shootinthepoop.com said...

I just can;t see myself giving up my suberban, but I have so many friends that were happy with the hump to the van. Maybe in a few years when you are due for a new car!

I also wnat you to know that I have been keeping up, just can't post alot for soem reason your key code won;t show up for me to type in.

Arizaphale said...

Sounds blissful.

Silent Joe said...

Dirty little secret about me. I love minivans also. My Mom use to customize vans when I was a kid and I was always amazed at how they take this shell of metal and turn it into a party house on wheels. My favorite was a high top ford astro van. :)

Vans are fun.