Friday, January 11, 2008


I want to make a quilt.
I want to put some of my photos on the walls of my house.
I want to sew curtains.
I want to decorate my kids' rooms.
I want to paint my bathroom.
I want to organize my closet.
I want to exercise.
I want to eat healthy things.
I want to clean my bathroom every week.
I want to pray more.
I want to plant an herb garden.
I want to plant a vegetable garden.
I want to invite people over for dinner.
I want to buy clothes other than jeans and T-shirts.
I want to have less "should's" and "will try's" and more "doing" (you know, very Yoda: do or do not...there is no try).


Aunt Beck said...

I'll help you with the buying of the clothes!!!

AM said...

Ah, my list is so similiar. Althought right now the idea of "wanting" to excerise is not shared. :)

Stacy said...

Yoda is wise. ;) Good luck on your list! Looks like you have a lot to accomplish this year.

jamestownboys said...

What a fun list - lots of things I want to do too!!!