Friday, January 04, 2008


Ahhh, so new day, new sun, new chances. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the encouraging comments yesterday. It always helps to be reminded that other moms have days like these and that it is only temporary. And thanks to my wonderful husband who bathed the children and got them out of my hair a little, I was able to come down off the ledge and return to my semi-normal self. I also chilled out with the Food Network, it warms my soul just slightly less than actual eating.

(As a side note, we watched Iron Chef America and within the first 8 minutes of the competition, a chef had butchered venison from the animal carcass, chopped it, ground it and rolled it into meatballs and was cooking them. My husband turned to me and said, "doesn't that make you feel bad for taking three hours to make dinner tonight?" Grrr. It's a good thing he's cute.)

Anyway, I began my day with a couple of lovely cups of coffee and several blogs this morning. Then I thought I would feel better with some baked goods (Swistle-style) so I whipped up some bran muffins, and set out to enjoy a few minutes of buttery bran-ny goodness whilst the children played nicely in the other room.

But then, the vultures circled and I had some company for my breakfast. And then...

Why, yes, that IS a puddle under the chair of my breakfast companion. And, yes, I HAD only taken one bite and only read one sentence if my inspirational book.

(Shakes head.)

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Anonymous said...

Great photo-story telling. I love coffee and muffins...and a priceless puddle! Mornings wouldn't be complete without self-sacrifice, right??
Warm alohas...(it's midnight for me right now! Bedtime!)