Saturday, January 26, 2008

Photo Contest Entry

This is the photo I chose to enter in the (small, local) photo contest:

I actually dropped it off early, but was the third entry in. My husband noticed the other two on the back counter and I asked to see them. People, they were awesome. They were beautifully colored, snowy winter wonderland, perfect-small-town-America photos. They were matted well and they were in plastic. Wrapped in plastic! Who knew that to look professional you had to wrap your photos in plastic. But it worked. And it shook the competition (me) up a little.

In a week or so the photos will all be on display in the shops around town and I plan on walking through and taking pictures of them all so I can sit and stew about them.

I was really excited about this. I read the email about the contest out loud to my husband several times. But now I'm thinking, yikes, maybe they'll mistakenly group mine with the "student" category and it will look better.

Alright, before anybody thinks I'm here looking for comments of the "no, you're great, that photo is awesome, you will win!" variety, I must say I am actually quite proud of my photo. I stretched my Photoshop abilities with the B&W conversion. And I took it while driving in my car, leaning out the window with the heat on full blast so Sarah in the backseat didn't get too cold. I crawled my car around town in the freshly falling snow to try and capture something interesting. And while the theme for the contest is "A picture perfect town," I think I would like to visit a town with a spooky, snowy run-down weird old cabin thing. Wouldn't you?


Swistle said...

I like it. The tree and the house are like two people in the shot.

Christina said...

Very nice photo! I agree, that's absolutely the type of place I'd want to go exploring. When I entered the state faire last summer, I was blown away by some of the competition, too. But then other (winning) photos were surprisingly poor quality. I'll be rooting for you - let us know!

Stacy said...

Good luck on your entry! It is a very nice picture, and that would be a fun place to go exploring. :)