Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Ramblings

This is my best shot from a whole mess of good stuff I've been shooting lately. Click over to Tracey and see her self-portrait, and what everyone else has shot this week.

So, instead of another sappy, drippy post about my smooshy, emotional love for this girl, I will tell you what I've been up to:

  • I am on a photo spurt. It's like a growth spurt, but it's where I am newly inspired and finding that my skills have gotten a little bit better, I know a little bit more what I'm doing and I'm finding great shots everywhere. So, be prepared, in the next week there will be approximately 2 tons of photos of this little girl's face appearing in my Flickr* and here. (And maybe a 1/2 ton of photos of my boy, he is much harder to pin down. I have to go all photo-safari on him and sneak around, zooming in from afar and spouting off reassuring things like, oh, no, I'm just taking a picture of that wall behind you, don't worry.) (For those of you who whine that this has turned into a photoblog, Aunt Becky, get used to it: I've turned into a photo-person and it's really all I do these days.)

  • I am completely and utterly sucked in to Pioneer Woman. I don't know how I haven't been reading her all this time, but once I started I had to go back through her archives and read every single entry. It's like I've been sucked into a really good book. A book about weird, embarrassing stories, cowboys and calf nuts (sorry, Mom, it's technical, ranch talk). And she takes some awesome photos.

  • This weekend my husband finally bought Guitar Hero III for the Wii. It is awesome, and the coolest part about it may be that when I finish a song, my son enthusiastically declares, "You rock, Mom!" And my daughter accompanies on the harmonica. We're the modern day von Trapp Family.

  • In other news, my house is still a mess, my husband barely has any clean underwear and my children drive me up the wall.

It's a thrill a minute around here, people.

* I will keep most of the photos of my children and their faces for friends and family only in my Flickr. If you are reading here, I want you to be my friend. I am MotherBunny and you can find my photos here.


Stacy said...

we love guitar hero in this house too! even my 11 month-old loves banging on the drums for rock band.

Christina said...

"We're the modern day von Trapp Family."

That line made me smile. :o)

And so did that precious picture of your growing girl. She is lovely.

Yat for photography spurts! Your photos are looking SO GOOD. it seems you've been having some "aha" moments. Hey, when do you find out about that photo contest you entered?

carrie said...

great photo! we also *heart* GHIII around here!

Kyla said...

We looooove Guitar Hero over here, too. Very fun.

And that is a beautiful photo.

Stacy said...

Beautiful shot of your little girl...and yay for photo spurts!

My blog originally had much more writing and now...not so much. Just many pictures. ;)

Kim said...

So cute! I love the sun on her face.

Bonnie said...

Great shot ! I love it.

d.girl said...

Guitar Hero is totally addictive! Rock on!

Maggie said...

That shot is GORGEOUS! I love photo spurts...but isn't it amazing how much time can go by when you are wrapped up in doing something with them?!

Now I'm off to figure out how to add you as a friend on flickr so that I can see all of the great shots you have taken...

Shalet said...

Oh my goodness - I totally understand about photographing your son. I have so many more photos of my girls because they are around. The boy - he's always off someone, romping about the neighborhood. I need to chase him down and take some shots. :o)