Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Lots of full sun photos this week. the rain finally let up and we're back to spending hours a day outside. The kids play and I spend time fiddling around with my flower beds and snapping photos of every little thing that strikes my fancy.

Stacey has more sunshine-y photos at The Land of K.A.

I need your help:

I am looking to put together a collection of my work to print, mat and then show off for possible sale at a small store that features local artists. I would really, really like your input on what I could (or should) include (or not include). I hope to get some different eyes and perspectives looking at my photos.

For starters, I created a Portfolio set. This includes some of my favorite photos that I added after a quick flip-through of my Flickr photostream. These are just the ones that I really like, but don't neccesarily have to be included. From this set:

You also may want to think about photos from this Town set, as the shop is in this small town and perhaps these kinds of photos may have a market there. From this set:

Please pour through my Flickr stream and let me know what you like (or don't like). I'll certainly share with you the feedback I get and we can hash it out together.

You may want to check out:
Photos from my yard, flowers, my Photo 101 set, photos with stand-out color, or you could just pour through the whole darn Flickr stream.

Also, one more question: I put a black border around the dragonfly picture not thinking about printing it. Now the image has been flattened and the black border is part of it. I tried to edit it again, but am not sure if I got the colors to match or not. What do you think of printing a photo with a border like this? Do you ever do it? Is it more artsy? Does it show off my mad Photoshop skills because I can draw a straight black line?

My bloggy friend, Dawn, recently featured her work in an arts faire and asked for input. I really liked trolling thorugh her Flickr and picking out the photos that spoke to me. It was a really fun exercise and I think she got some very useful feedback. So, since I saw how much input she got, I'm trying the same thing here.


Dawn said...

Hey! I think it's so fun that you're doing this too. I just went through lots of your flickr sets and thoroughly enjoyed them! I left scads of comments, sorry if it's overwhelming, I hope it helps.

Can't wait to see you whittle things down; the process was very beneficial for me!

Dallas said...

What a great idea for feedback. And you're very brave. When someone suggests selling my photographs, I wave them away and think no one would ever want to hang mine up. Good luck and I'll check out your albums later. In this post though, I really like the white flower.

kim said...

Love the perspective you captured your kids with.

My favorite is that first set. Love the dragonfly pic!

Stacy said...

Your kids are just adorable...I love your daughter's scrunched up face. :)

I'll leave some comments in your Flickr...

Christine said...

I love the scrunchy face your daughter is giving you! LOL

I'm going to add you as a contact in my Flickr to remind me to check out your photos later this evening when I have a bit more time. :)

Golightly said...

I just love the deep blue sky as a background. I'll take a look at your photo set, from a brief glance, there are a few that jumped out at me.

I agree with Dallas, someone asked me to take photos of them for a cover of a music CD they are recording, based on my blog pictures. I said, "ah, you know I only use a point and shoot don't you?..."

carrie said...

sweet! i will try to go through the sets later tonight...but i kinda like the black "mat" on the dragonfly - it makes his wings really pop! i say keep it!

Jenn said...

OH FUN another flickr-light to visit! I am all over that - your pictures today are soo sweet love the second face! :)

Maggie said...

Such great sunshine shots! And a show too...that is so cool! I will go back and check out your flickr set today -- you have such great things to pick from!

Christina said...

Love the perfectly blue sky background for those SUNNY shots!

What an awesome opportuntiy for you! Very exciting. I am off to Flickr now to browse and leave some comments!

MK said...

Your pictures have become amazing! truly! What camera do you have again??? and the kids are getting cuter and bigger evertime I see them! i miss keeping up with you and your life daily- I feel so behind on life right now.