Saturday, August 16, 2008

Prepare for the Onslaught

If you follow my Flickr stream you should be prepared for the insane amount of photos that will be uploaded this week. I am just beginning to edit the first of the 800 (?!!!) or so photos I took during our two week beach vacation. I promise to try and cut the number down to only the ones that are particularly interesting and/or cute, but I simply cannot delete a single photo of either of my children when I tilt my head and gaze wistfully at the screen and know that this is how they looked at just this moment and that moment has now passed and we are on to other moments where they now look completely different. And only I know, with a mother's discerning eye,, that frame #2357 is ever so slightly different from frame # 2358 and so I must keep them all on my nearly full hard drive and upload them the Flickr so everyone can also see the babies that make my heart melt.

Take, for example, my girl on the carousel:

She loves riding a carousel.

She smiles, she laughs, she squeals.

I can't get enough of that full, open mouth smile/laugh/glee-squeal.

And if the ride itself wasn't thrilling enough she has to really get the full experience, hanging her head back.


Christina said...

I totally understand. I can have a dozen frames that are 99% identical...but I can't delete a single one, because the 1% in each once captures a different side of my baby. And they're all precious.

Wills mom said...

I LOVE that last one!! Oh to be that young again and have something as simple as a carousel make you that incredibly happy :)