Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reason #45827 My Son is So Smart

Yesterday I was trying to set the TiVo to record the Muppet Christmas special. There was a schedule conflict with Gary Unmarried.

Me: Sorry, kids, we can't record your show, it's on at the same time as a Mommy-and-Daddy show.
Jack: Is it that Unmarried show?
Me: Yes, how did you know?
Jack (who is 4 and cannot read): It says so right there.

Jack (who has no knowledge of the fact that marriages can end): How did he get unmarried?
Me: I don't know sweetie.
Jack: Maybe he threw away his rings and got rid of his wife. Or maybe he went to a church and got un-married.


Wills mom said...

OMG! Threw out his rings and got rid of his wife... spoken like a true man... haha. BTW... we love gary unmarried!

Christina said...

No wonder you keep that kid around - he's a riot!!!!

I've never watched the like it?