Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who Are They?

My little family has settled into a nice little rhythm. My babies are old enough now (and have enough new toys from Christmas) that they entertain themselves pretty well and play with each other pretty well. We are getting back into the daily routine and eating good food, carving out enough time to get grocery shopping in and cook together. After the holidays we're back to early bedtimes and regular fruits and vegetables. They are learning to clean up their own toys and help around the house.
Jack even took it an extra step when he was working on earning another car:

He cleared his dishes from the lunch table and then pulled a chair up to the sink, rinsed his plate and cup, then washed them by hand and set them with the clean dishes.
You're welcome, future-daughter-in-law.

And then this one:

She chose to wear pants and not a dress for the first time in months. And she let me braid her hair and left it alone for several hours.

Who is she?


Christina said...

I especially recognize the victory of her wearing pants. Wow!

Wills mom said...

Wow... can Jack come to my house for a few hours and I'll trade you Will?? hehe

Isabel said... did you get them back on a regular sleep routine? We've having issues right now!!

Happy Delurking Day!

Isabel said...

P.S. I'm wearing a dress today for the first time in months. Maybe something in the universe is messed up.

Jen said...

I am with you on the pants thing. When my daughter wears pants I feel like throwing a party. "Thank you future daughter in law"......I love it!!!