Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Shrash. Truck. Dada.

The highlight of Jack's day has been watching the trash truck this morning with his dad. When he got out of bed, the truck came down our street and my boys watched closely from the window.

Now, it's all Jack can talk about. All morning he has told me about the "shrash" and "truck" and "Dada." He nods emphatically when I ask, "Did you watch the trash truck with Dada?" And then he continues with "shrash. Truck. Dada."

Later in the morning, Jack was playing with one of his trucks that has blocks that go into the back of it. As he played he said, "shrash. Truck." He would pick up the blocks and load them into the truck from the back, like the trash truck. Then he would dump them out and load them again, "shrash. Truck."

It is a very exciting day, if you are one.

Jack is humoring me and saying "cheese" as I take his picture.


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