Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Big Brother

There are only 2 months left, about 8 weeks, until our baby girl is due. We are getting very excited and ready for her arrival. Personally, I will be ready as soon as she wants to come! I don't remember how I did this while I was working. I am exhausted just from the things that have to be done every day: cooking, cleaning, and, oh yeah, chasing a 1-year-old.

Jack knows that there is a baby in my belly and is very cute with it. He gives my belly kisses and is generally pretty gentle with me. He still would like to climb and roughhouse over me, but I just can't take it like I used to! Jack knows that the baby has clothes already. He will pull her little pink sleepers out and say that they are for the baby. He even tried to put one on my belly. She got a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal for Christmas and he knows that is for her as well.

When we go for my checkups at the doctor's office, he listens to the baby's heartbeat and makes friends with the midwives. He likes to participate in everything we do.

I'm not sure that he really understands that this baby-in-Mommy's-belly will turn out to be a real, live person. One who cries and sleeps and eats and takes up a lot of Mom and Dad's attention. Since he has been my entire world for the last almost two years, I worry the most about what this new baby will do for him and his life. Being the oldest, I know how traumatic having a new sibling can be! (Just kidding, Aunt Gecky!)

We will probably really confuse him by having a new baby, packing up all our belongings and moving to a new house all in a matter of months. Oh, and he will turn 2. I'll blame any maladjustment on that!


Two of our friends are expecting their first baby any day now! Baby Katie is on her way. She now has her own blog, http://babykatieblog.blogspot.com/ to keep people updated. Baby Katie's dad had also resurrected his blog now that there will be exciting baby news http://slmiles.blogspot.com/ .

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