Sunday, February 19, 2006

Jack's New Belt

Lately Jack has been removing his pajamas and diaper at bedtime and then falling asleep and peeing all over the bed. Then, he wakes up cold and wet and unhappy and we have to go in late at night and change him, change the bed and put him back to sleep.

We tried putting Pull-ups on him at night, hoping that they would be harder to get off, but the weren't. He can get them off just as easily.

So tonight, we tried something new. Jack gets to wear a very fashionable bedtime belt. Made of duct tape. We wrapped his little waist in the hopes that he will not be able to pull the diaper down or open it in any way. Hopefully this will work until he learns to listen to us when we say, "Don't take your pajamas and diaper off!"

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