Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow Day!

Today we are enjoying a nice, relaxing snow day. We woke up to about a foot of snow on the ground. Jack was very interested and pointed out the snow as he stood at the windows. Then, we all went outside to romp around, clear the sidewalks, and dig out the cars. Well, Jack and my husband did the romping, my husband did all the shoveling and car clearing and I did the picture taking and then lunch making.

Jack was not sure about the snow when we first went outside. I think it may have been too deep for him. He was very upset at first and cried into my shoulder while Dad shoveled a path down the sidewalk. Once he had a place where he could walk around he was fine.

He was very helpful in the snow; he helped shovel and clear the cars and build a snowman. Always Daddy's shadow, he followed his dad around all over. When Dad was packing snow onto the pile that would become our snowman, Jack was packing snow right behind him. And Jack insisted on helping to clear the cars, and that his dad not go out of sight around the cars.
My other kid also got into the spirit of the snow day by using the neighbors sled to make a mini luge track down the little hill in our front yard. The kids next door had fun with it, but Jack wanted nothing to do with sledding.
Jack named our snowman "Bob" after a book, "A Snowman Named Bob."

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