Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Little Pink Dress

Sarah has outgrown her first little dress. It is a 0-3 month size and she wore it Sunday for the last time. I could barely squeeze her chubby neck into the sweet, white collar. And her chubby belly and rolly legs popped out of the little bloomers underneath. She is my BABY; she is not supposed to outgrow things. She is to wear sweet, pink, soft baby things. I am not ready to start a box for the basement labled, "Baby Girl Clothes 0-3." This is the dress she wore the first Sunday we took her to church. She wore it to visit my grandmother. She wore it--ok, she wore it a few times and now it is too small.

I don't remember having this sadness when I packed away Jack's clothes. I think that since he was the first baby and I knew that we would have others I didn't feel like I was putting the clothes away for good.

I think that having Sarah has made me realize that I can't bear the thought of this being my last baby. There certainly is a lot of time before my husband and I actually make that decision. But this sweet, soft, squishy baby time goes so fast. I blinked my eyes and now Jack is 2 and has become a charming, talkative, little boy.

Our lives are so busy right now, I have to make myself slow down and smell Sarah's head before it stinks like a sweaty toddler. She is growing and changing so quickly, I don't want to miss anything. She smiles and coos and looks at her hands. And soon she will giggle and crawl and walk and go off to college.

I am sad that I have to put away that little, pink dress.

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