Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jack'll Do It

Jack has started to speak in sentences and already he has a favorite: Jack'll do it. He has entered the "do it mySELF" stage of being two. He would like to put his own shoes on, wash his own apple and, for goodness sake, let him buckle his own carseat. It doesn't bother him that he can't actually tie his shoes or that an apple is sufficiently washed in only a few seconds. And he only has one speed when buckling his car seat and it doesn't speed up if it's 95 degrees outside and the baby's crying and the groceries are melting in the back. He will do it and we will all wait and be yelled at, "JACK'LL DO IT!"

Of course his new-found independence isn't all bothersome. He really is a good kid. He is starting to listen to what we say when we tell him to do or not to do things. He listens when we tell him it's bath time, or when we say not to throw a snack on the floor or even when we say not to hit the baby. Well, most of the time he listens.

He is a cute big brother and likes to talk to the baby. He talks to her when he thinks I'm not looking. He says, "Hello, Sarah. How're you?" He gives her kisses, and snuggles. And he tries to share his toys with her. (If you try hard enough, Sarah can hold the scoop arm of a bulldozer).

He has become such a charming little boy. He is sweet and loving and adorable!

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