Friday, July 28, 2006

A Nap with Jack

I tried to lay down with Jack the other afternoon in the hopes that he would get a nap and I could catch up on my sleep with him. Instead I was just another lump in the bed as he played around me. He played with the Little People zoo keeper calling him, "Mister Man."

"Hello, Mister Man. Mister Man down there. Jack hold Mister Man. Mama hold Mister Man." (Jack inserts zookeeper into the hand of a sleeping Mama).

"Colors, Mama. Blue color. Purple color. Red color."

"Jack get down. Go downstairs, Mama. Jack go downstairs."

My eyes were then pulled open by little boy fingers. Nose to nose he said, "Hi, Mama. Go downstairs now."

Ok, Jack.
This was what I was hoping for...

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