Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More Than Just the Box Around Our Family

I am really, really happy that we are on the other side of the selling/buying houses rollercoaster.
It was a very stressful time in itself and then the stress was compounded by the fact that I was pregnant and then had a newborn. All through the ordeal I kept telling myself (and my husband) that it would be okay if we didn't end up in the dream house. That it was just the box around our family. But now that it is all over and we are in the dream house, I realize that it isn't just the box around our family. We are looking for a different way of life for our family. We want to live closer to each of our parents and closer to where we both grew up. We want to live in a smaller town where we can get to know people and get involved in things. We want a different way of life. A slower pace, a more rural school, and a little land to call our own.

We lived in a very nice place. Our townhouse was nice, but it was starting to feel too small. There were a lot of nice people around, but also a lot of strangers. I felt like a very little fish in a very big, unfamiliar pond.

So we have moved away and back home. Back to the county between our parents' counties. Back to a place where the neighborhoods have yards and people have driveways. And where we can carve out a niche in a place where we belong.

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Anonymous said...

You are the cutest family ever!!