Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We Have Moved!

We have moved into our new house!!! This has been a loooong and tiring process. Only 24 days ago we found out that our house was under contract. In those few short weeks, we packed our house up and somehow got all of our earthly posessions in a truck and carried into our new, Dream, house. We are so happy and excited to be here. This is our home. We are anxious to put down roots and be settled. We even threw away the TV and computer boxes hoping never to have to move them again. Jack and Sarah will have to figure out what to do with all our stuff when they move us to the retirement home.

Our weekend was very busy and hectic, but with the help of our families and many gracious friends, we were able to move in just a couple of days. We are truly blessed that there are so many people willing to help us through such a crazy time. We will now be happy to help everyone we know move when their time comes. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


'eff, now with a J! said...

Given how much stuff you had, and how much stuff I have, you will make out better on the "If you help me move, I'll help you move" deal ;-)

It's a great house, congratulations on finally making it there!

Bunny said...

We will just have to owe you two moves. Thanks for all your help and putting up with us as we dealt with all the craziness.