Friday, July 14, 2006

We Are Finally Moving!

Finally, after a very very long wait, we are actually moving into our new house. It looks like everything has fallen into place and we will settle this Wednesday. I have been packing like crazy and trying to get everything ready for the big day. We sure have aquired a lot of stuff in the last 5 years!

I am getting really really excited. Several nights (this one included) I have trouble sleeping. I keep thinking about all the things going on and all the phone calls I have to make and things I have to remember. I am just sooooo excited.

Meanwhile, my children are the most adorable I have ever seen. Jack loves his little sister and is always kissing her and snuggling her. Sarah has a little baby doll and Jack has taken to pretending he is a Daddy and taking care of the baby. He tells me, "Jack a good daddy." It just melts my heart!

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