Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sarah: A Tough Nut to Crack

Who me?

Sarah is such a sweet baby girl. She is a doll. But, boy, is she tough sometimes. Sarah gets bored of being in the same position for too long. She will roll and play on the floor for a little while, but then she needs a change of scenery. The same goes for the excer-saucer and the bouncer seat.

When she is tired she wants to be held. But not facing towards me; she would like to see out. She may want to be held belly down over my arm, or she may want to be held upright so she can lay her head on my shoulder. But she will fuss and grump and cry and kick her feet together like she's wringing them. And she may want a pacifier, but she reserves the right to spit it out at any moment.

I can not count on her taking a nap for any length of time, it's like a roulette game. She will sleep anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of hours. You just never know what you are going to get.

I try to do my best and bend to her every whim. I try to make her comfortable and beg her for some peace. But I just can't figure her out.

One of these days she will be old enough that I can let her cry to sleep. And one of these days I will be ready to let her cry to sleep. I am just ready for that time of day when I can be off duty. I want to punch out and go do something by myself. Maybe I could actually get the kitchen cleaned up in the evening instead of finding out what a night on the table does to food. I would like to go to bed before 11. I want to sleep. I want to watch a movie or TV or play computer games. I really just want some time to myself.

When Jack was little I was "off duty" for the time it took his dad to give him a bath. Dad took over and I went and washed my face and got ready for bed. I even watched a Judge Judy or two. But now with two, and especially since Sarah requires so much attention, I help give baths and dress for bed and then feed and walk and cuddle and walk and bounce Sarah until she gives me some peace.

Lately we have been using the baby backpack a lot. Sarah always liked the front carrier, but she is getting too heavy for that now. My back is killing me from holding and carrying and bouncing this 15+ pound sack of potatoes. But the backpack is much more comfortable for me and I think she likes it too. I can put her in it, put on some music and dance around cleaning the kitchen and hopefully she will pass out asleep. (The only drawback is that if I sing with the music Jack tells me, "No, Mama, likes to sing. No Mama dance." Tough crowd.)

She is a tough nut to crack.

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