Monday, August 21, 2006

Things I LOVE About My New House (And Cute Baby Pictures)

1. The blue, blue sky. I swear I have not seen a single cloud since we've moved in.
2. The green: there are trees and new grass and flowers and bushes, shrubs even(!).
3. The breeze: it could be 85 degrees outside, but it is always breezy and beautiful.
4. The quiet.
5. The darkness. There are stars and the moon and then only light is from my neighbor's porch lights.
6. So far in our development there are only 20 households (in our townhouse neighborhood there were over 80 houses on 2 streets!)
7. For now, no one lives on the lots on either side of us and we are one of only two occupied houses on this side of the street.
8. We can walk to town hall and read the agendas for various committee meetings including planning and zoning where we can see who is building a patio or deck.
9. We have a mailbox that is just ours and not connected to anyone else's and does not require a key.
10. Jack can run for at least 10 seconds or so before he reaches the road.

And these are just the things that come to mind as I sit in my driveway watching my babies play. I LOVE it here.


My new favorite pastime: Sitting in my driveway watching Jack push Sarah in the stroller putting her to sleep!

Sarah LOVES sweet potatoes.

Good Morning, Sunshine!


'eff, now with a J! said...

You have stars there??? WOW, what do they look like?

My favorite thing about your new house: what you left in your old house.

Bunny said...