Thursday, August 17, 2006

"No Take Jack's Dumpster!"

With construction going on in our neighborhood we have a lot of trucks in and out to watch. Today we have been watching a bulldozer (I guess) pushing dirt around and a truck loading a dumpster onto its bed. Jack and I watched intently as a man pulled a cover over the dumpster and hooked it up to some contraption on the back of the truck. Then the dumpster was loaded onto the truck and the truck drove away.

Jack realized what was happening and burst into tears. "No take'a Jack's dumpster! Jack's dumpster back!" He cried and cried over the dumpster.

Apparently he had grown quite attached to the dumpster and was heart-broken, heart-broken, when it was taken away. He cried and I consoled and tried to explain that the dumpster wasn't ours and that really it was just trash. But his poor, little, 2-year-old heart was broken by the removal of "Jack's" dumpster.

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Aunt Becky said...

He's the cutest little boy ever!