Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All Growed Up

Jack told me he is "all growed up" because he took a shower and peed in the big potty like a "big man." He says, "Jack, Daddy, big mens." He also used a saw this weekend helping my husband put extending tubes on the ends of the downspouts. He is growing up so quickly!

Pack my bags for college, Mom!

And speaking of growing up quickly: Baby girl is crawling!!! I think it happened overnight. She scoots on her belly across the floor using her arms and legs and pushing with her little toes into the carpet. She is deliberate and determined when she moves, often in the direction of something she can put in her mouth. (So far this morning she has crawled her little self right up and onto big brother's trains-he is still sleeping.)

We had a very nice time at the beach last week, but the weather pooped out on us. We had several rainy days and really only went onto the beach a few times. Oh and my big kid jumped in the pool. We went to the movies and when we came back he was running and jumping into the pool into the waiting arms of his aunt.

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Katie's Mom said...

I can't believe Sarah is crawling already! Katie has got zippy interest in crawling!