Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Brother Dear

Jack has become a very sweet, dear big brother. He really loves his little sister. He gets frustrated with her, sure; he doesn't like sharing his trains with her.

When Sarah wakes up Jack is the first one up the steps to go get her. He climbs on the crib side to see in and talk to her. He helps me to change her diaper, often getting his stool from the bathroom so he can stand at the changing table and talk to her.

He has never really liked it when I nurse the baby. I think it's because she has usually just woken up and he wants to have his turn with her. So he has started helping me. He will sit next to me and help hold Sarah. It is so sweet and dear and just makes my heart melt. He will usually sit on the side of me with her feet and we will put her lower half up on his lap. He will put his arms around her and hold her, leaning in to snuggle and give her kisses. If he is near her head, he will stroke her hair and talk to her.

At bathtime last night I gave Sarah a bath first and then dressed her and told Jack it was time for his bath. He looked at me and said, "No, Mama, Jack play wiff Sarah!" He wanted me to put her down so they could play. He scoops the toys around to her lap. Last night he showed her how to play with the piano. "Sarah, like this," he said.

My heart has melted.


mk said...

ahhhhh... that is so cute! My heart would melt too. I often wonder how it will be to have 2 and how Abbie will react to another child. I love hearing this positive side of it all. My nephew and Abbie have this type of relationship. They are in love with each other. he is 7 and she is 9 months. It is the cutest thing!

Jenny said...

So dang sweet! It's almost enough to make me want another one. But then I remember labor pains and come to my senses. :)