Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pickin' Punkins

In the sweltering 80 degree October heat, we picked some pumpkins yesterday. We are willing fall to be here already. We have been making soup, we've used our fireplace as soon as the temperature reached mildly chilly, we've even been swearing off shorts, sandals and other warm-weather apparel. In another attempt to bring about the change of seasons we picked apples and pumpkins!

The kids were very cooperative. Jack, rosy-cheeked, picked exactly one apple which he ate immediately. He really liked picking out pumpkins, but really wanted the green ones. When told they were too green, he pointed to ours and said, "too orange?"

Sarah was a good sport since she has a cold and doesn't like to be hot. I woke her up to cart her around in the backpack in the sun.

(I think I was the one that complained the most. I get cranky when I'm hot and didn't expect to be hot. I do better if I know what I'm getting into.)

We brought home 20 pounds of apples and 6 pumpkins of varying sizes. Ooh and some of the fun-shaped little gourds to decorate with.

The kids were good sports about getting their pictures taken. Jack kept saying "cheese" but wouldn't smile and Sarah just wanted to eat the dirt and vines from the ground.

Still saying, "cheese," Mama.

Are you still trying to take our picture?

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MK said...

The pictures are great! We are going to the patch this weekend for some pictures. I can;t believe that it is 80 degerees out your way! It is only 70 here in SoCal! Crazy! I love those little goards- the best part is you can keep them up all fall long!