Thursday, October 26, 2006

Our Funny Little Man

Every morning before leaving for work, my husband goes in to check on Jack and cover him up. Jack often stirs a little and they share a quiet, father-son moment of reassurance. Reassurance that Jack knows which car Daddy will be taking to work. "Daddy, you take Mommy's car?"

When we moved my husband's commute got much longer and so we switched cars since mine gets better gas mileage. And every day Jack has to check in and see which car Daddy is taking to work.

This morning, Jack didn't wake up much when checked on, but the words he whispered, "Mommy's car?" were enough.


'eff, now with a J! said...

Those are some cool shades! I'm not too sure about the badge though. Is he trying to sneak somewhere he's not allowed, or does he just want to go to work? ;-)

MK said...

I am just fascinated with the things that become important to them! You have to love it!

'eff, now with a J! said...

Jack is a smart kid. If he doesn't know what car he takes to work, how will he know which car to look for in the afternoon? It's incredibly important ;-)