Thursday, November 16, 2006


Yesterday we had a piano delivered. My husband's grandmother recently moved into a retirement home and she wanted her grandson to have her piano. He was the one of her grandchildren who stuck with piano lessons and enjoyed playing even as he got older. So, for my husband's birthday we had it moved down here. He is so very excited to have it and it was wonderful to listen to him play while I made dinner last night.

That brings me to the other sound in our house while I made dinner last night: Jack screaming and crying that it was HIS turn.

Jack loves this piano. He knows it's Daddy's piano, but he thinks we brought it here just for him. All afternoon he played the piano and helped me to clean it off. We wiped it down and dusted it and got it looking nice for when Daddy came home. He was so impressed by the cleaning of the piano that he would rub his hand along the side and say, "it's so soft."

He also sang and played all afternoon. It is the sweetest, most dear sound. He plays the keys and sings "Baa Baa Black Sheep" or "Jingle Bells." Today he sang, "'Cause the Bible tells me so! OKAY!" Just that line. I think he was conducting his own Sunday School song sing-along.

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mk said...

Ohhh... that is so cute! Just wait- Sarah will be begging for her turn before you know it! i think lessons are in your near future! Exciting!