Monday, November 13, 2006

I Promised Pictures

Look! Two posts in 24 hours! Sarah can stand up holding onto this little table if she is placed there. She tries but can't pull herself up yet.


My Baby Girl. Sigh. And smile.

I think Sarah has gone through a recent growth spurt. I think that the first 6 months of her life were, well, kind of boring in the baby doing stuff department. Our family was VERY busy with the selling and buying of houses and the moving and what not. Besides, she just slept and ate and then didn't sleep at night. But now that we have settled and she is older, I feel like I'm looking at her with new eyes. Maybe I just finally opened my eyes to her. Or maybe I came out of a first-six-months-post-partum fog.

I have a beautiful little girl. It makes me teary to think of her. She is sweet and chubby and smells like my baby. She has a personality that is already starting to show. She is a Mama's-girl through and through. She also can be a Daddy's girl, which I love to watch. She wrinkles her nose and makes faces at us. She loves to snuggle and loves to take a bath. She is determined and has her own mind.

She is learning how to communicate in new ways. She waves, "hello." When I go into her room nt he morning she waves at me. And at night when she wakes up she says, "Mama." She is my darling little baby girl.

And I am so incredibly blessed to be her mother.


Nicole said...

What a sweet girl! Ok, because I got here late... how old is your little gal? I love finding out when other babies "did stuff" so that I can put it into perspective with my own baby (she's 5 months old). The pic of her laying down is just so sweet!

mk said...

So sweet! I hear ya on the 'smelling like my baby". They all have their own special scent. I love Abbies scent. I love getting in the car after work and it smells like her!

Abbie has the same table! She loves it!

Your baby girl is getting so big! I love that she wrinkles up her nose!!! Do you find that she and Jack are hitting milestones around the same time?

Bunny said...

Sarah will be 8 months old Thanksgiving Day. I actually think that she is hitting some things sooner than Jack did, but I'd have to look them up to be sure. Either she is doing some things sooner or since she is the second she is surprising me by learning to do things without me knowing. We did some signs with Jack when he was maybe 10 months old, but I think Sarah will be ready to learn some signs pretty soon.

Jenny said...

Oh those pictures!

They just make me melt.

mk said...

She probbaly does pick up on things because of Jack being around. An extra teacher in the house! I am very interesting in the signing... do you go to a class or use a book??

Bunny said...

I had read the book, Baby Signs, but really it's just using a sign along with the word for something. We would say the word and make the sign and eventually Jack started using the signs or his own variation of them. We only used a few, and they were not necessarily the "official" ASL sign for something, just what made sense to us. For "more", he would open and close his hand, for "all done" we would move both arms out to the sides like a runner is safe in baseball. For "up" we taught him to out his hands up in the air, but he changed it to a hand on his head. It really helped us to know what he wanted to tell us.