Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Six Wierd Things

The girls over at Shootin' the Poop tagged me in a game of "Six Wired Things About Me." Apparently you have to list six weird things about yourself and then tag 6 other people's blogs to do the same.

I have spent my life trying not to be weird (or at least not letting people know my weirdness(es?)). So, here goes...

1. I TiVo and watch Judge Judy every day. She is a wise, wise woman. I also like when she yells at dumb people.
2. I will only use one kind of pen. For years it was the blue Papermate fine point grippy one, but when they changed the formula I stocked up on what I could find until I ran out. Now it is a black medium point RoseArt X500 Ball Point. (Anyone need stocking stuffer ideas for me? I only have 4 of these pens and I love them!)
3. I wear a white v-neck T-shirt almost everyday. I buy a white v-neck T-shirt whenever I am buying new shirts,
4. I do a few Sudoku puzzles every night and I have a system. It involves notations and markings indicating which step of my system I have completed.
5. I do not like ketchup.
6. My new favorite food is the rutabaga.

And now I tag Baby Katie's Blog, Clickmom, So The Fish Said, Two Pink Lines into Motherhood, and Barley Fields. That was 6, right?


Jenny said...

MK got you too, huh? I'm gonna do mine tomorrow.

Oh and there is nothing finer than a new white t-shirt. (Except new fluffy socks maybe)

reformattingmybrain said...

Hey thanks for stopping by! I read all your posts on this first page here this morning and I'm going to enjoy reading yours :-) I have a certain pen I use also. If I lose it while I'm working, I'm done for - can't work until I find it :P

mk said...

I have a pen that I love to use too- they are give away pens form the company my sister in law works for. Thankgoodness I get as many as I want!!

I agree- nothing better then a nice new clean white shirt- they only last so long and I love me some v necks!

I will say the only time I eat rudabegas (sp) is at st. patty's day

Rude Cactus said...

Thank god for another sane person who doesn't like ketchup.

Piper said...

Finally, someone else that doesn't like ketchup... I thought I was the only one!

That Chick Over There said...

I puffy pink heart Judge Judy. And I normally don't like confrontation!