Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I have some serious writer's block. I feel like, ok, I have cute kids, blah blah blah. Life is wonderful blah blah blah. I have been holding back the real me. I have only been publishing the public me (duh, this is a public forum). I have been playing this blog like I play in life: I am a wonderful mother, I have great kids and we all smell sweet and live in a great new house. Blah.

But I intend to do better this year. I would like to credit the blogger who talked about declaring intentions this year rather than resolutions but I have read at least 30? 40? blog posts today and I can't remember now. (Chances are whoever it was doesn't read my blog anyway.)

So, where will this blog go in 2007? That is a good question. I have been writing here for over a year now. It started as a way to feed the grandparents' insatiable appetites for pictures of Jack. Now I have found that there are some great blogs and bloggers out there. Some that even read my site! I love that they are witty, honest, interesting, and after reading them I feel like I have just sat down and had coffee with friends.

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure where I want this blog to go. I would like to write more. I mean, actually write. Not just to tell you how little sleep I'm getting or what crazy thing Sarah tried to eat. But to tell you how I feel about being a mother. To share some of the trials of staying at home with my babies. And of course, to share a little vignette of the joy that Jack and Sarah bring to my life.

So, if you follow my site (and maybe are not related to me?) let me know what kind of posts you have liked, maybe what you didn't like. Maybe even "enough about your cute kids, already!" No, that one will stay.


Nicole said...

First of all, never enough of the cute kids! Secondly, you totally just made me laugh about your description about how you all smell sweet! :) I love reading your blog - only wish I had the time to visit everyday rather than only a few times a week to then only play catch up! Ok, and I know I just totally didn't answer your question - maybe that's because I can't even figure out what to write on my own blog these days. Bah!

Anonymous said...

Just keep following your heart. Sounds trite but those are the best posts of all.

And thanks for including me in your list of bloggers. Blush, blush.

: ) Tracey (Picture This)

Jenny said... think I'm witty. *blush*

I love your blog but I'd like to know more about you. I heard the term "naked blogging" once...blogging with total transparency...even the stuff you think makes you sound like a dork. I'm a big fan of it and it's so freeing once you start.