Monday, January 01, 2007

Out With the Old

As 2006 comes to an end, I am glad that some events of this year are behind us. When we started the year I was pregnant and packing up boxes of junk to store in our parents' basements to get ready to sell our house. March came quickly and with it came the hurried preparations for selling.

March 23 Sarah made her quick entrance into the world in our bathroom. We didn't make it to the hospital, but had a healthy delivery by Dad. It was by far one of the two most incredible moments of my life. I felt strong and relieved and I had my beautiful baby girl in my arms.

Two weeks later we put our house on the market and began a nomadic life staying with our parents so we could keep the house ready to show. Day blended into night with our newborn baby girl. I spent many hours a day nursing, bouncing, walking and snuggling Baby Girl. Days had no pattern, there was just the present moment. I got very little sleep except for that one night Sarah slept eleven hours. It was a day of legend.

The house went under contract and we moved back. Jack decided that at all of 25 months he was ready for a big kid's bed. He was so proud of himself and easily moved to a new bed, leaving the crib for his baby sister.

The contract fell through and the house went back on the market, so we ran away on the weekends. Eventually a contract came through and we settled on our houses.

In July we moved into our dream house. To a small town closer to our families. And we started to settle in.

Since then we've been adjusting to normal life with two kids. Sarah is a sweet, snuggly round 9 month old (and a good sleeper). Jack is a bright, charming boy who amazes me every day (and challenges me). My husband continues to balance me when my vision has narrowed to the day's frustrations (and has adjusted to the longer commute).

I am looking ahead. I am looking forward to a year of stability, regularity, and watching my family in the rhythm of life.

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